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A good sativa should be about as stimulating as a strong cup of coffee. Typically used during the daytime, sativa will energize you with their strong cerebral effects. Many marijuana lovers choose sativa when they`re looking for an uplifting and creative buzz. Sativas tend to have a lighter, fruity aroma.

Sativa dominant marijuana strains tend to have a more grassy type odor to the buds providing an uplifting, energetic and “cerebral” high that is best suited for daytime smoking.

Benefits of Sativa
•  Feelings of well-being and at-ease
•  Up-lifting and cerebral thoughts
•  Stimulates and energizes
•  Increases focus and creativity
•  Fights depression

A sativa high is one filled with creativity and energy as being high on sativa can spark new ideas and creations. Many artists take advantage of the creative powers of cannabis sativa (marijuana) to create paintings.

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